Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remember the victory for the lesbian seeking fertility treatment? It could be history....

Great series of posts today at Pam's House Blend on the Bush lame duck regs that would allow any worker at a healthcare facility to refuse to participate in a procedure he or she found morally objectionable.

Remember the California Supreme Court ruling that denying fertility treatment to a lesbian violated state anti-discrimination law? Here are my posts on it. The doctors objected to providing fertility treatment to any unmarried woman. If these new regs mean what they say, it clears the path for these doctors and others to restrict alternative insemination, IVF, and other assisted reproductive treatments to married women (that would be heterosexually married of course). The regs apply only to health care facilities receiving federal funds, but that covers millions of workers who now can impose their ideas of who should be a parent, even in the face of state laws -- like those in California -- banning discrimination.

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