Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prop 8 stands. Now what?

Thanks to Yasmin Nair at Bilerico for saying so much of what I was thinking about where we go after the California Supreme Court ruling upholding Prop 8.

Don't get me wrong. I feel for the advocates who devoted so much time to this effort. The defeat is painful. But that says nothing about the way forward.

I gave money -- more than once -- to defeat Prop 8. I saw it as an attack on me and on all LGBT people, as I noted in this post. But I resent the efforts to place a pro-gay marriage initiative on the California ballot and force the issue to the forefront of public attention again. Californians don't have equality, but they have the legal protection of domestic partnership. How about we improve the quality of life for LGBT people elsewhere?

I've got a long list of priorities. Marriage in California isn't anywhere on the list. I'm encouraging everyone I know not to fund this effort. Support Family Equality, which advocates for all LGBT families. Support Equality Florida in its efforts to end the ban on adoption by gay men and lesbians there. Support the work of the Alternatives to Marriage Project which is fighting for a health care decisionmaking law designed to further the autonomy of all people, not only those who marry or enter formal civil unions.

But not another cent for marriage in California. Not now and not soon.

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Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Barack Obama? Does he have a voice? Or does he just eat hamburgers and pat people on the shoulder? Come on man, say something.

And where the hell is the IRS? IRS code prohibits tax-exempt religious organizations from engaging in any political campaign. The Mormon Church has obviously violated this when they CONTRIBUTED $20 million to a POLITICAL campaign.

It's just a joke. It's like taking a blind referee seriously. It's insanity to deny fundamental rights to law-abiding, tax-paying, peaceful, citizens. Kind of like calling holding on a player on the bench.

Just laugh and be gay is what I say :)