Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DC City Council committee passes marriage equality bill and preserves domestic partnerships

Here's Rick Rosendall's excellent coverage of the 4-1 vote in the DC City Council Commitee on Public Safety and the Judiciary approving the marriage equality legislation. As indicated in my previous post, the bill deletes the provision "sunseting" domestic partnerships.

The language on domestic partnerships in the final Committee Report is even stronger than that in the draft. (changed language in bold).

Moreover, while the vast majority of registered domestic partners in the District are same-sex couples, and while it is possible, given the opportunity, that these couples will choose marriage over domestic partnerships, there are likely to be some same-sex couples that prefer domestic partnerships as an alternative to marriage.

The ability to register domestic partnerships in the District remains important. This allows those who do not wish to marry or are unable to marry to provide legal protection to their relationship. As domestic partnerships apply equally to same-sex and opposite-sex couples, as well as to non-sexual relationships, the Committee believes that preserving the right to register is necessary. (My comment: I love this!)

Retaining domestic partnership at the same time the District is recognizing the ability of same-sex couples to marry does not dilute the statement made by this legislation that same-sex couples are equal to opposite-sex couples.

From here to the full Council, then the Mayor, then Congress.


Bill Singer said...

So goes the District of Columbia, so goes the nation. Thank you Nancy for showing us the way to leap beyond just marriage!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Well done DC and Dr. Polikoff for doing the right thing!

Ed Edgar Beasley said...

Isn't it time we just got on with this? Why are we taking so long to get gay marriage through? http://www.politicalinjustice.us/editorials/the-great-sex-debate-an-open-letter-to-same-sex-opponents.php

Harry834 said...

Read your open letter, D. Very good points about changing laws and picking and choosing the bible.