Sunday, December 6, 2009

Same-sex marriage reaches television game show

This past week a category on the long-running game show Jeopardy was about life in Des Moines. One of the "answers" (this is a paraphrase) was something like "Pridefest this year was more festive because of an April 2009 court ruling authorizing this." In the privacy of my tv room, I yelled out "same-sex marriage!" A contestant buzzed in and said "gay marriage." She got credit and continued playing. Unremarkable, perhaps, but surely it says something about the cultural saliency of the issue that it makes its way into American homes as a fact worth knowing.

Or maybe it just strikes me because over 35 years ago (when it was a daytime show) I was a Jeopardy contestant. (I lost).

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John said...

hello, I love this post, some time at the university conducted a study called marriage and sex, where I learned a lot about this subject