Thursday, November 11, 2010

Supreme Court -again- turns back Lisa Miller

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Vermont Supreme Court upheld a trial court's ruling that custody of Isabella Miller-Jenkins should be transfered to her nonbio mom Janet Jenkins. Isabella is, of course, the child at the center of the longest running dispute between lesbian ex-partners over custody of the child they planned for and raised together. Bio mom Lisa Miller has lost in the courts of Vermont and Virginia on multiple occasions, and is now living in hiding with the child.

Well this week Miller got one more rebuff, this time from the US Supreme Court, which refused to hear the most recent ruling from the Virginia courts requiring enforcement of the Vermont court orders. I wrote about the latest Virginia ruling here. It's not surprising the Supreme Court isn't hearing the case. It hears very few cases, and the legal issue concerning recognition of child custody rulings properly granted in other states is settled law. It's not surprising either that Liberty Counsel, who represents Lisa in both Vermont and Virginia, keeps asserting legally untenable positions. And with Isabella underground, all these rulings are just so many pieces of paper.

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